Will Google Buy Pinterest?

With incredible popularity and growth of Pinterest, and an impressive increase in referral traffic past Google Plus, the next move for Google becomes a question. Should Google buy Pinterest? And if so, will it become integrated with Google Plus?

Google needs to come up with a better strategy for engagement (compare the average user spending 3.3 minutes per month on G+ vs. 7.5 hours on Facebook). At the very least, Google should lower the font size in the stream and all of their products. Facebook and Pinterest have a good handle on how to put a ton of data in your face without being overwhelming. Though Facebook has the benefit of its users being trained from years of experience, Google Plus just simply doesn’t provide an inviting interface.

The difference is subtle, but it makes a huge difference when you take into account the amount of real estate that is lost on Google+.

That being said, Google is definitely taking a tip on design from Pinterest with the new Google Plus One button.

Could this be a hint of a future bid?

Comments (2)

  1. 5:44 pm, March 20, 2012Tony  / Reply

    Nope. Twitter will buy Pinterest.

  2. 5:47 pm, March 20, 2012Matt  / Reply

    That could be very interesting, Tony! Do you have any reasons or evidence that support the idea that Twitter plans to buy Pinterest?

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