Keyword Not Provided Tool

One of the KPIs for SEO performance is tracking Brand vs. Generic keyword traffic. Due to secure search functionality on Google (https), more and more keywords are showing up as (not provided). To get a more accurate picture, I've created a simple tool that calculates the ratio of Brand vs. Generic on all of the keywords we can see, and applies that same ratio to the (not provided) value, then divides it appropriately into Brand and Generic. The end result will give more accurate grand totals for both Brand and Generic keywords. The tool features 3 columns for Input Data for your total Generic Visits, Brand Visits and Not Provided Visits - these are the only fields you must populate. Once you input data, everything else will calculate automatically including the chart (the chart can be adjusted easily by selecting data on the chart and sliding the corresponding brackets in the table). You must pull data for each month, which will help you track how the % of Generic is changing over time. Check it out! Keyword Not Provided Tool Here is an example of the tool in action with fake data:
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